Brits couldn’t be more proud of this man clinging to his pint.

@taxbod, reacting to a viral photo of a young man who fled Saturday’s attacks in London while holding a pint of beer. The photo provided a moment of dark humor on a tragic day. Many Londoners poked fun at the high prices in the London Bridge area and, tongue-in-cheek, hailed the man on social media as a hero.

Stunning photo of man mowing his lawn near a looming tornado captivates the internet.

Cecilia Wessels via Twitter

@RachelFeltman, on the viral photo of Theunis Wessels, snapped by his wife, Cecilia, mowing the lawn of their home in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, with a tornado looming in the background. Cecilia said cutting the grass was on her husband’s to-do list. Theunis said he was “keeping on eye” on the tornado as it approached their home.

Bill Maher gets grilled for using a racial slur.

Getty Images

@VilissaThompson, on late-night host Bill Maher’s use of a racial slur Friday on a live broadcast of his HBO show “Real Time.” During an interview with Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., Maher said he needs to visit Nebraska. “We’d love to have you work in the fields with us,” Sasse replied, to which Maher said, “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n—-r.” The use of the N-word drew a lot of criticism, with many calling for Maher to be fired and noting his history of offensive comments. Maher apologized in a statement Saturday.

Sasse also responded:

Couple gets upstaged and their own wedding, and people are NOT happy.

@CinamonSugarz, on Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice column last week about a couple who were upstaged at their own wedding. A bride wrote that her now-husband’s best man, John, also the officiant at their wedding, interrupted their ceremony to propose to his girlfriend, Jane, and announce her pregnancy. Twitter users expressed anger over the situation.

Trump lashes out about London on Twitter.

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@davidfrum, replying to President Trump’s tweets in response to the London terrorist attacks Saturday. While other world leaders offered their condolences to the city, Trump used the opportunity to tweet about the need for his travel ban, as well as to imply that London Mayor Sadiq Khan was not tough enough to protect his citizens.