Ivanka Trump is on the cover of Us Weekly, and people have a lot of thoughts.

@sahilkapur, on this week’s Us Weekly cover story on Ivanka Trump headlined, “Why I Disagree With My Dad.” Despite the first-person wording, she is not quoted in the story; reporters spoke with anonymous sources close to the president and quoted from old interviews.

Many pointed out that the article seemed to be a puff piece for the first daughter after the magazine was bought by the Trump-friendly National Enquirer in March.

The quote also became a meme about fictional characters who disagree with their dads, like this “Star Wars” reference.

And this “Game of Thrones” reference where Tyrion Lannister is seen actually killing his father.

Obama and Trudeau have date night.

@owillis, commenting on the internet’s favorite bromance, between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former President Barack Obama. The two had dinner in Trudeau’s hometown of Montreal on Tuesday to discuss community outreach, among other things. A photo of the pair, tweeted by Trudeau, left their fans swooning.

They even brought other world leaders into the fantasy.

And were sad for Joe Biden.

Eric Trump says Democrats are “not even people.”

Getty Images

@tedlieu, a Democratic member of Congress, reacting to Eric Trump’s interview Tuesday with Fox’s Sean Hannity. Trump condemned attacks against his father’s administration, saying critics, particularly Democrats, are “not even people.”

Some jumped to his defense.

While others were disappointed with his comments.

Babadook is being celebrated as an LGBTQ icon.

@gaywonk, on Babadook, the top hat-wearing, drama-loving monster in the 2014 horror movie “The Babadook,” being celebrated as an LGBT icon. The character became an LGBT meme in February thanks to this Tumblr post, but interest has increased recently because June is Pride month.

Putin says he doesn’t have bad days because he isn’t a woman.

@soph_bern, on a Bloomberg article teasing director Oliver Stone’s upcoming Showtime documentary on Russian President Vladimir Putin, airing June 12 to 15. One of the Putin quotes: “I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days.”