Twitter has some jokes about “New Twitter.”

@elliesunakawa, comparing Twitter’s user interface redesign to these dogs. Old Twitter, on the left, was square. New Twitter, on the right, is all circles and rounded edges. Thursday, Twitter unveiled the user interface redesign which, among other revisions, changed profile pictures to circles and the “reply” button from an arrow to a speech bubble. Some users tweeted, however, that the update didn’t address a common complaint with the platform — the lack of an “edit” function.

Miley and Jimmy Fallon “disguise” themselves to play for NYC subway.

(NBC via Youtube)

@LisaBloom, tweeting about a clip from “The Tonight Show” of Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon performing at a New York City subway station in disguise, in a stunt that mirrored the plot of “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

This man’s business cards are from the future.

“If he doesn’t make it in the music biz, he should definitely go for marketing!”

Manda Panda, commenting at on a story about Oakland-area rapper Fantastical Carpe, who hands out his business card at bars to network and hit on women. The card looks like an iPhone screen and comes with a QR code to connect with him online.

Dolce & Gabana boycotts themselves.

(Dolce & Gabana)

@frenz4_evr, tweeting in support of Dolce & Gabbana’s tongue-in-cheek boycott T-shirts. The luxury Italian brand has been criticized for its embrace of first lady Melania Trump, who recently wore a $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket. Instead of shying away from Trump or ignoring critics, the label doubled down, creating a $245 satiric “#Boycott Dolce & Gabbana” T-shirt. Dolce & Gabbana even made a video of a fake protest against the brand to promote the shirts.

Anti-Putin questions slip through the cracks during live TV Q&A.

@YuliaSkyNews, tweeting about questions that slipped through the cracks during Russia’s once-a-year Q&A with President Vladimir Putin on live TV. Questions were pre-screened, but careful viewers noticed that some anti-Putin questions like, “When will you resign?” appeared on the bottom of the screen.