Dancing hot dog wins hearts across Snapchat. 

@tinytaes, tweeting about Snapchat’s gimmick-y new feature — the dancing hot dog. The wiener can be added to any video on the app, and it’s getting a lot of love.

Steve Bannon apparently has a painting of himself as Napoleon. 

@samthielman, reacting sarcastically to the news that Steve Bannon, adviser to President Trump, at one point had a painting in his office of himself dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte. New York magazine reported the detail in a profile on Bannon, and said the painting was a gift from British politician Nigel Farage.

Hakuna matata, or Acuna Moncada,  it means no worries. 

@CespedesBBQ, noticing that next to each other, the jerseys worn by minor league baseball players Ronald Acuna and Yoan Moncada look like the phrase “Hakuna Matata” from “The Lion King.” This picture of Acuna, who plays for the Braves’ affiliate in Mississippi, and Moncada, who plays for the White Sox’s affiliate in Charlotte, N.C., was taken at the MLB Futures Game on Sunday. Minor league baseball’s Twitter even riffed on the Disney lyrics: “It means no worries (for the World Team).”
@ChiSoxFanMike tweeted some advice: 

Scottish man’s rant about eggs goes viral. 

@innesmck, a Scottish man who went on a heated Twitter rant when he realized that it’s not a cultural practice in America to eat soft-boiled eggs out of egg cups. The Scot clearly feels that Americans are missing out on this incredible method of egg-eating.