Cheers (and a few jeers) for Dr. Who casting announcement.

Jodie Whittaker (AP)

@LaurakBuzz, tweeting about the news that the 13th Doctor in “Doctor Who” will be a woman, played by actress Jodie Whittaker. Many saw the casting change as long overdue, but it drew detractors as well. “The Doctor is a man, it just works,” @AlexWadey1 tweeted.

Vogue apologizes for missing the mark on gender fluid cover.


@colettefahy_, reacting to Vogue’s August cover story featuring Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik about how the two don’t follow the men-women fashion dichotomy. The online headline declared the couple “part of a new generation embracing gender fluidity.” Commenters on social media responded with confusion. “Straight cis couple shares clothes, Vogue declares them gender fluid,” @mollypriddy tweeted. Vogue issued an apology for “missing the mark” and vowed to cover non-binary issues with more sensitivity.

Fans of Tracee Ellis Ross want the actress to play Ms. Frizzle.

(Getty images/Scholastic)

@Rediet, explaining to actress Tracee Ellis Ross about why she would make a great Ms. Frizzle if the “Magic School Bus” had a live-action adaptation. In May, people tweeted about the dream casting, but over the weekend, Ross asked fans to tell her more. Some responded with illustrations of Ellis Ross as the eccentric teacher.

Bill Clinton hides between the Bushes.

@angelurena via Twitter

@crampell, Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell, cracking a joke about former President Bill Clinton hiding between statues of the two former Bush presidents — George W. on the left, and George H.W. on the right. Clinton and the younger Bush spoke on Friday in Dallas and talked about their friendship.

Jeff Bezos definitely lifts, bro. 

@Hipster_Trader, joking about photos from Friday of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos looking particularly buff. Bezos, who owns Express, was photographed at an exclusive conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. “Vin Diesel, is that you?” @MKaroumi tweeted, comparing the billionaire mogul to the actor.