New York Times correction makes a lot of people smile.

A New York Times correction, amending an earlier error in which Storm, the hero dog from Long Island who rescued a deer, was misidentified as a Labrador retriever. Readers loved The Times’ cheeky correction. People called it “A+,” and the “best ever.”

Tweet about McDonalds burger sparks funny responses from millennials.

(Thinkstock/Express illustration)

@PrototypeCube, tweeting at Inc. after the magazine shared a story on social media with the headline “McDonald’s Just Rolled Out Burgers With Millennials’ Favorite Ingredient.” The headline didn’t give away what the ingredient was, so people started responding with guesses. In addition to universal health care, student loan debt forgiveness was a popular guess. Others suggested “ingredients” like affordable housing, Xanax and bacon, but none of those were correct. The real answer wasn’t even avocado. The piece, by Chris Matyszczyk, was actually about kale — specifically, the kale in McDonald’s Signature Sriracha sandwich. After having been tested starting last year, the burger is now available nationwide this month.

Chris Christie catches foul ball, gets booed.

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@SukieJones1920, reacting after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie caught a foul ball in the stands at Citi Field during the Mets-Cardinals game on Tuesday night. The governor gave the ball to a young fan, but he was still booed by the crowd and roasted by one of the announcers. “Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ballpark,” Dan McLaughlin of Fox Sports said during the broadcast.

Tour de France athlete shares crazy picture of his legs.

(Pawel Poljanski via Instagram)

“After sixteen stages I think my legs look [a] little tired.”

Pawel Poljanski, a competitor in the Tour de France, sharing this image of his legs on Instagram after he completed the 16th stage of the 21-stage race. His caption may have been an understatement, but people got the message. “This pic shows the tortures you are going through. Hats off! You guys are awesome!”  ronwoodmtv commented.

Tweet thread shares added challenges of flying as a fat person. 

@yrfatfriend, sharing in a Twitter thread what it is like to fly as a self-described very fat person. “No matter what happens, if someone complains, my body will be discussed loudly, with open revulsion, without regard for who hears it,” the person wrote. People applauded the author on Twitter for opening up with honesty.