Sprinting down the street with blood on your shirt can only end well. (Media Asia Film Distribution)

Made in Hong Kong Film Festival
You can’t spend the weekend punching people, but you can spend it watching other people punch people. The Freer and Sackler Galleries’ 22nd annual Made in Hong Kong Film Festival wraps up this weekend with two fight-featuring films and a dramatic indie. “Kung Fu Hustle” (Fri., 7 p.m.) stars some of Hong Kong’s action luminaries as a group of slum residents who take on a gang. “Beast Cops” (Sun., 1 p.m.) is about a dirty cop who gets a by-the-book boss. “Made in Hong Kong” (Sun., 3:30 p.m.), the first independent Hong Kong film made after the territory’s 1997 transfer from Great Britain to China, is about a young man’s descent into the criminal underworld to pay for medical treatment for the woman he loves.
National Museum of American History, Warner Bros. Theater, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW; Fri.-Sun., free.

“The Jerk”
Steve Martin was born a poor, black child. So starts “The Jerk,” one of the greatest comedies of all time. See the 1979 hit on the big screen as part of the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse’s Comedy Film Bucket List series. It’s one of the few films guaranteed to make basically anyone laugh. Seriously. Anyone. And you won’t need to bring anything except this ashtray. And this paddle game. And this remote control. And these matches … (you’ll get it after you’ve seen the movie).
Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse, 2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington; Wed., 7:45 p.m., $10.

“The Princess Bride”
Here’s a fun fact about showing boys “The Princess Bride” for the first time: Their reaction to the film exactly mirrors Fred Savage’s character’s reluctance — and then enthusiasm — for the story. The 1987 fantasy classic is the latest entry in the Angelika’s series of family films and a pretty good way to start off your Saturday. After you take the kids, insist that they respond to your every request with “as you wish.” See how long that lasts.
Angelika Film Center, 2911 District Ave., Fairfax; Sat., 10 a.m., $8.