Buzzfeed envisions Putin as a Tinder Bro. 

(Kremlin pool photo via AP)

“I am a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish and I will provide for you.”

David Mack, in a piece on that imagines the photos from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest vacation as photos in a Tinder profile. Mack paired the pictures of the often-shirtless Putin on vacation in Siberia with fake Tinder bro bios like “Just your average strongman looking for a ‘new best friend’ who won’t mind when I sleep in on Sundays or invade Eastern Europe.” Tinder Putin’s interests include “hockey, fishing and Western elections.”

Anonymous feedback app Sarahah surges in popularity.

(Sarahah/Thinkstock/Express illustration)

@NickLeydorf, tweeting about the anonymous question app Sarahah, which means “honesty” in Arabic. It’s No. 1 on Apple’s store. Similar to its predecessors Formspring and Yik Yak, the app lets anyone with a Snapchat account solicit anonymous comments.

Starbucks debunks hoax about#borderfreecoffee.

“Nice try racists, dreamers … would not go and demand a free anything.”

Martinez Divine, commenting at about #borderfreecoffee, a hoax that originated on People made a fake poster to try to trick undocumented immigrants into going to Starbucks on Aug. 11 for a “free” beverage, to target them for deportation. Starbucks tweeted that the posters were fake.

Trump tweets a reply to a Pro-Trump bot.

(Screen shot via @SaddestRobots Twitter)

@SaddestRobots, on the since-suspended Twitter account @ProTrump45. After President Trump tweeted at the account on Saturday, people discovered it was a bot using a real name — Nicole Mincey — paired with a stock photo.

LA Dodgers fan gets an autograph by putting in the effort.

Yasiel Puig (Getty)

“This is how you get a @yasielpuig autograph in New York City. Run after the taxi for 3 blocks and then wait for your chance. Good Work kid.”

agentmo1, Andy Mota, the agent for Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, who posted on Instagram that he caught a young fan on video chasing down Puig’s taxi in New York City. Puig rewarded the fan with an autograph. Here’s the Instagram post.