Rachel the Bachelorette got her ring.

@SVallorani, tweeting after the season finale of “The Bachelorette.” Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan, the suitor who was willing to propose to her, over Peter, because he wasn’t ready to get engaged. She was compared to her ex-boyfriend, basketball star Kevin Durant, who left the Oklahoma City Thunder so he could win a championship ring with the Golden State Warriors.

D.C. gal shares story of guy who tried to date 5 women in one night.

@LisettePylant, sharing the viral Twitter story of how she met a guy at a D.C. bar for a drink and through the course of the night, realized that he had scheduled “drinks” with five other women back-to-back. The women all left the guy at the bar when they figured out what was happening and got drinks together instead. The guy reportedly said he is a project manager who likes to manage his time efficiently.

Fiona the hippo is a body-positive hero.

Fiona (The Cincinnati Zoo)

@abxlsangel, after the Cincinnati Zoo tweeted a picture of its hippo Fiona, who has a large social media following. The zoo reported that her neck rolls are getting bigger and she weighs 421 pounds. The zoo also announced that its director is writing a children’s book about Fiona.

Twitter has fire responses for man who commented on the Google memo.

“Stop teaching your daughter to silently suffer abuse so that mediocre men can succeed.”

@padnick, tweeting at Eric Weinstein, the managing director of Thiel Capital, after he shared a controversial take on Google’s diversity issues. Weinstein tweeted, “Stop teaching my girl that her path to financial freedom lies not in coding but in complaint to HR,” and Twitter users were quick to fire back.

What does an NYC candle smell like?

(Diptyque candles)

@NiceChess757, imagining what a New York City-scented candle might smell like. Fragrance company Diptyque Paris tweeted about its NYC candle, which “captures the scent of the city that never sleeps,” and people weighed in on what that means to them. “How about a suite of NYC candle scents? ‘Rush Hour in the Summer,’ ‘A Walk Down Canal,’ ‘My Uber last night,’ ” @adrienn_e tweeted. Twitter user @plumandmustard said it frankly: “New York stinks. Keep your candle.”