Taylor Swift’s snake antics get compared to Britney Spears’ iconic VMA performance.

@ira, writer Ira Madison III, taking the popular “Nothing but respect for MY president” meme and applying it to Taylor Swift’s album release teases. Swift announced Wednesday that her album will come out Nov. 10 and that the first single drops today. She had teased the announcement on her social media with videos of snakes — and some Twitter users shared the opinion that Swift can’t come close to the hype of Britney Spears’ iconic performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” with a live python at the 2001 VMAs.

Melania gives a shout-out to Chelsea Clinton after she stands up for Barron.

@rawan, tweeting after first lady Melania Trump tweeted a thanks to Chelsea Clinton for speaking out in defense of the Trumps’ son, Barron. Conservative website The Daily Caller published a piece targeting Barron for wearing a T-shirt and shorts this week to ride on Air Force One. Clinton, as a former first child, tweeted: “No child should be talked about in [this] manner in real life or online.”

ESPN takes guy named Robert Lee off of University of Virginia game, gets dragged for it.

@DLoesch, Dana Loesch, a conservative commentator, reacting after ESPN pulled Asian broadcaster Robert Lee from calling the University of Virginia’s opening game because he shares a name with the Confederate general whose legacy has sparked unrest in Charlottesville.

Petty people of Twitter share their grudges.

@EllieAshe, sharing a grudge after @Nicole_Cliffe asked Twitter users to send her “your oldest, most cherished grudge.” The people of Twitter let their grudges out, including @SharonLeavy1, who shared:

Gay family shares heartwarming letter in Australia.

“My hope for you during this difficult time … is that you have the courage to stand up for what you know is the truth.”

A letter sent to a 7-year-old named Nicholas, who lives in Australia with his two moms. Gay marriage is being debated in Australia, and a classmate told Nicholas that his family was not a real family. His godmother sent him an affirming letter, which his mom shared on Twitter.