Floridians were probably not going to shoot at the storm. 

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@PascoSheriff, the Twitter account of the sheriff’s office in Pasco, Fla. The officers tweeted Saturday to tell Floridians not to shoot firearms at Hurricane Irma, after some people were concerned that the viral Facebook event “Shoot at Hurricane Irma” would be taken literally. 

Sloane Stephens was LIT about her U.S. Open win (and rightfully so). 

@ArashMarkazi, tweeting about tennis player Sloane Stephens’ expression when she saw her $3.7 million check after beating Madison Keys to win the U.S. Open on Saturday. The win was a major comeback for Stephens — who had taken a few months off from tennis after foot surgery in January — and she did not hold back in showing her joy and excitement. When Stephens was told in a press conference that she made only six unforced errors in the match, she said: “Shut the front door. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Oh, my God. That’s a stat. Snaps for me.”

These tweets sum up the irony of the Equifax hack.

@zerobeta, tweeting about the irony of the Equifax hack, which is estimated to have affected 143 million people.

People share updated Ten Commandments.

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@Darth_Pingu, tweeting a riff on the commandment to honor the Sabbath, using a popular hashtag to update one of the Ten Commandments. Instead of honoring parents, @JMoney731 suggested: “Text thy mother and thy father.” In place of not worshipping false gods, @SirSturm2 tweeted: “Thou shalt worship no fake news.”

Tom Brady’s angry face becomes a meme.

@James_Dator, who wrote this caption for Tom Brady’s expression after the Patriots lost 42-27 in their season-opening game against the Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday. Brady’s angry face after the rare loss became a meme.