What do you think of Crayola’s new blue? 

Crayola’s new crayon color.

@heididesch, reacting to Crayola’s announcement that its new shade of blue is called “Bluetiful,” which was the top choice in an online vote. The new color will be available in crayon boxes time for the holiday season, Crayola said. Some people were surprised at the choice: “Bluetiful? Is this for real? That’s the best we can do?” @raceylynn tweeted.

What else could you buy with the cost of a new iPhone?

(iPhone X)

@laurenelizlane, tweeting this factoid about the cost of the new iPhone X. Her tweet has been liked more than 285,000 times. @AbbeyHagenbaugh put the cost in terms of Taco Bell: “You can have everything off the Taco Bell menu 3 times & it would still cost less than the new iPhone.” The iPhone 8, however, starts at “only” $699.

Lifehacker.com apologizes after “whitesplaining” chopsticks. 


@ryanko, reacting after lifehacker.com posted an article called “Chopsticks Are an Underrated Kitchen Tool,” pointing out what many Asian cooks already know — that chopsticks are an all-purpose kitchen utensil. Lifehacker apologized for the characterization.

Hillary Clinton said that situation during campaign reminded her of Cersei Lannister. 

(HBO and Getty Images)

@EllenBlack55, tweeting about the passage in Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened” in which she writes that during her 2016 election campaign, pro-Trump crowds called for her imprisonment in a way that reminded her of how zealots in “Game of Thrones” yelled, “Shame! Shame!” at Cersei Lannister. Some were surprised that Clinton compared herself to Lannister, who is not a sympathetic character.

Steve Mnuchin gets fallout after his request for military plane for his honeymoon in Europe was reported. 

Mnuchin and Linton (Getty)

@Timodc, on the news that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs banker, requested a military jet for his European honeymoon earlier this summer. Mnuchin reportedly made the request so he could have secure communications on the trip, and the request was later withdrawn. But this is not the first time the couple’s travels have made the news. In August, Mnuchin’s new wife, Louise Linton, drew scorn for an Instagram spat over a photo she posted boasting about traveling on a government plane while wearing designer brands.