Kevin Durant may have fake Twitter fan accounts. 

@rodger_sherman, tweeting after basketball superstar Kevin Durant may have accidentally given himself away for having fake Twitter accounts. On Sunday, Twitter user @ColeCashwell tweeted at Durant, asking why he left the Oklahoma City Thunder. Surprisingly, Durant responded directly — but he answered in third person. The tweet led people to believe Durant uses fake Twitter accounts to defend himself.

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf …

@vivaausvegas, tweeting a picture of Dreamworks character Shrek on a backyard deck. It’s a new meme where people share the caption, “You’ve heard of ‘Elf on the Shelf,’ ” a reference to the children’s holiday book, with a new rhyming image combination. The meme seemed to randomly pop up, but it inspired a lot of people to get creative with their rhymes. People came up with celebrity rhymes such as Drake on a cake, from @TheHashtag0nist; and RuPaul on a U-Haul from @OverDosinOnKaty.

DC Public Schools trends during the Emmys. 

Dave Chappelle and Melissa McCartney (Getty)

“This Twitter trumpeting is not the victory to embrace. This trending is … pretending there isn’t huge work ahead. … Pretending you know what the heck you’re tweeting about, Emmy watchers.”

Petula Dvorak, of The Washington Post, scolding D.C. Public Schools for feeling honored that #DCPublicSchools was trending on Sunday night after alumnus Dave Chappelle, above, at the Emmys gave the district a shout-out, which was then amplified by John Oliver. “Likes, retweets and followers are hardly a measure of success,” Dvorak wrote.

New York Times reporter gets his scoop for lunch.

@kenvogel, New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel, tweeting the photo that went along with his serendipitous scoop. Vogel was eating lunch at BLT Steak, which is next to The Times’ D.C. office, when he realized he was sitting near two of President Trump’s lawyers, Ty Cobb and John Dowd. Vogel overheard the two talking about the Russia probe, even mentioning two documents that are “locked in a safe.”