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Pumpkin spice has infiltrated the paleo world — with pancakes

Birch Benders

While it’s safe to say that cavemen did not eat pumpkin pancakes, that didn’t stop Birch Benders from putting together a paleo pumpkin spice pancake mix, which launched at Whole Foods last month and retails for $5.99.

All you need to do to the mix — made with cassava flour, almond flour, coconut flour, dried pumpkin, eggs and monk fruit — is add water and cook.

At first, the mix looks like wet sand and smells a bit like Play-Doh, but that changes when you start to cook. While the final product’s texture isn’t as fluffy as regular pancakes, it comes close, and the pumpkin spice flavor isn’t too overbearing.

You can top the pancakes with honey and fruit to make the meal a little heartier. One package contains 10 two-pancake servings; each serving is 140 calories.

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