Eminem takes strong stance against Trump in freestyle. 


@andylassner, tweeting after rapper Eminem delivered a vicious takedown of President Trump in his freestyle rap “The Storm,” a video of which was shown at the BET Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night. In the video, Eminem called out Trump for attacking black athletes, disrespecting war heroes and using the presidency to enrich his businesses. The rapper even called out any of his own fans who support the president. Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and Snoop Dogg all gave Eminem recognition for the video. Here’s the rap:

United Nations marks International Girls Day. 

Funny little girl playing power super hero over blue sky background. Superhero concept. (Thinkstock)

@swarraj, tweeting on Day of the Girl, which the United Nations recognizes on Oct. 11. The U.N., which launched the day to focus on girls affected by wars and conflict, reports that every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence. In addition, girls are more likely than boys to be out of school in conflict areas.

Women are more than wives and daughters.

@abzdafab, on men, including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who have mentioned wives and daughters when condemning disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein over sex assault allegations. “Women are … in fact, people,” @samlansky tweeted.

ESPN analyst goes off about U.S. Soccer. 

Twellman on ESPN

“Iceland is the same size as Corpus Christi, Texas. … They can figure it out. If the United States can’t figure it out, then [they have] no business being involved.”

Taylor Twellman, blasting the U.S. men’s national soccer team on ESPN after they lost to Trinidad and Tobago and failed to qualify for the World Cup. In his viral rant, Twellman, a former USMNT player, ripped the team for being unprepared.

Wear your love for Taco Bell on your T-shirt. 

Taco Bell Fashion Credit: Forever 21 (Forever 21/Express Illustration)

@Anna_Giaritelli, tweeting about Forever 21’s collaboration with Taco Bell, which debuted on Wednesday. The collection features Taco-Bell T-shirts, hoodies and sauce packet-inspired bodysuits with phrases like “born saucy.”