“Loving Vincent” sets out to show those PIXAR people what animation really looks like. (Good Deed Entertainment)

“Loving Vincent”
There is animation, and then there is ANIMATION. Each frame of “Loving Vincent” — and there are more than 65,000 of them — is of a hand-painted oil painting in the style of Vincent van Gogh, making it what the filmmakers are calling the “first fully painted animated feature film.” In this biopic of van Gogh, one of his models attempts to investigate how the famous artist died (and it has nothing to do with the ear-slicing thing).
Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW; opens Fri., $9.25-$12.50.

“Revolutionary Rising: Soviet Film Vanguard”
Russian cinema has been vitally important to the art form since the beginning. The National Gallery of Art is marking the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, which not only had political implications but artistic ones: Not long after the uprising, the Soviet government actually started sponsoring experimental filmmaking. The museum’s “Revolutionary Rising: Soviet Film Vanguard” series will showcase some of the landmarks of early Russian cinema, kicking off Friday at 2:30 p.m. with “The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty,” a 1927 film that marked the 10th anniversary of the revolution. Screenings of the series’ four other films all feature live musical accompaniment.
National Gallery of Art, East Building, Fourth Street and Constitution Avenue NW; Fri. through Nov. 12, various dates and times, free.

Middleburg Film Festival
The Middleburg Film Festival turns 5 this year, and it has firmly established itself as the place for local audiences to catch an early glimpse of Oscar front-runners. The lineup includes “I, Tonya,” a Tonya Harding biopic starring Margot Robbie that was one of the darlings of the Toronto International Film Festival this year. Indie actress Greta Gerwig makes her solo directorial debut with the comedy “Lady Bird.” Then there’s “Mudbound,” based on the 2008 novel set in post-World War II Mississippi, which follows two veterans — one white and one black — as they return from war to very different homes. If you’re planning on going to the festival, buy tickets early, as some events and films have already sold out.
Various locations in Middleburg, Va.; Oct. 19-22, $10-$15 per film, advance ticket packages also available.