Diddy wants to buy the entire NFL.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27: P. Diddy and Matt Blank attend the 34th Annual Walter Kaitz Foundation Fundraising Dinner at Marriot Marquis Times Square on September 27, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for The Walter Kaitz Foundation) (Getty Images/Express illustration)

“I did have a dream to own a NFL team but now my dream is to own our own league! A league where you can … have freedom to be a great human and protest for your people.”

Sean Diddy Combs, in a Tuesday tweetstorm about how he wants to buy the NFL. Some fans on Twitter supported the idea, such as @dre_wingate, who tweeted: “Diddy should start a Go Fund Me to help purchase the NFL.” Unfortunately for Diddy, as CBS Sports reported, the value of a single NFL team is about $2.5 billion, while Diddy’s net worth is around $820 million.

We really want this Pizza Hut Pizza Parka.

Pizza Hut Pizza Parka

“If you really want to use [the pocket] for pizza, it’s your pocket. So, do what you want with it.”

A pizza hut video, describing the company’s Pizza Hut Pizza Parka, which is made from the chain’s delivery pouch material. The video describes how the jacket has a plastic sleeve that makes an “easy-ordering window” and an inside pocket shaped like a slice of pizza. Pizza Hut tweeted that fans will have a chance to win the parka.

Twitter calls out Bon Appetit headline for comparing food to dirt.

@joadanso, calling out an article about the food trends matcha, spirulina and turmeric that was published on bonappetit.com with the headline “Why do this year’s biggest food trends taste like dirt?” @Joadanso wrote a Twitter thread about how the article threw people of color “under the bus” by comparing ethnic foods and spices to dirt. Bon Appetit amended the story and posted an apology.

Cleveland does not appreciate Kyrie Irving’s shade. 

Kyrie Irving (AP/Express illustration)

@clevezirm, taking issue with basketball player Kyrie Irving’s open slam on Cleveland, where he used to play for the Cavaliers. Irving said in an interview that Boston, where he now plays for the Celtics, is a “real, live sports city.”

Rand Paul’s face said it all.

@shannimcg, tweeting about a series of pained expressions from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul that were caught on video when President Trump walked into a room to sign his executive order on health care Tuesday. @davidmackau called it: “Rand Paul Mustering The Courage To Get Through The Day,” and @samtayrey likened it to “seeing your boyfriend’s ex at a party.”