New York City’s Halloween dog parade does not disappoint.

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@reenaroy on the 27th annual Halloween Dog Parade at New York City’s Tompkins Square Park on Saturday. Nearly 10,000 dogs came to the East Village park in costumes ranging from a kissing booth, above, and Donald Trump holding a roll of paper towels in Puerto Rico to the Statue of Liberty and “The Pawshank Redemption.”

KFC follows “11 herbs and spices” on Twitter.

@sicklittlejag on the recent revelation that the 11 accounts that @KFC follows on Twitter are the five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb. Twitter user @laurelbartlettt seems to have been the first to recently discover the clever marketing ploy, which references “11 herbs and spices,” part of the famous secret recipe KFC touts for its fried chicken.

However, one of the Herbs seems to have tweeted about this a month ago.

Harvey Weinstein disputes Lupita Nyong’o’s account of sexual harassment.

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@GHRealDeal on Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o sharing her personal account of sexual harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in a piece published Thursday in The New York Times. The same day, Weinstein’s spokesperson responded to the actress’s claims, saying Weinstein “has a different recollection of the events.” Many pointed out that Weinstein has not directly responded to the 40-plus claims made by white women, but was quick to try to discredit a black woman’s.

Did SI’s Ben Reiter predict the World Series?

@currenrr on Sports Illustrated‘s June 30, 2014, cover story, in which writer Ben Reiter predicted that the Houston Astros would win the World Series in 2017. The Astros advanced to the World Series on Saturday by beating the Yankees in Game 7.

Betty Price under fire for HIV comments.

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@ChadHGriffin on Georgia state Rep. Betty Price, the wife of ex-Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price, who came under fire last week after suggesting in a public hearing that people with HIV should be quarantined. Price later clarified and said her comment was “taken completely out of context.”