Twitter celebrates many diverse candidates newly elected. 

@SNBonaccorsi, reacting to the  wave of diverse candidates elected Tuesday night, including Hala Ayala, front, one of the first two Latinas elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates; Danica Roem of Virginia, left, the first openly transgender person elected to a statehouse; and Melvin Carter, right, the first black mayor of St. Paul, Minn. Here’s a more complete list of the candidates from The Huffington Post. 

Best friends insist they are twins, internet backs them up


@Liberiangyal, tweeting about two young gal pals, Zuri, left, and Jia, right, who insist they are twins. The girls were born two days apart. They celebrated their fourth birthdays together and began telling people that they are twins. Zuri’s older sister, Victoria Williams, @vickto_willy, shared in a tweet how Jia had an argument with some other girls who insisted that the two cannot be twins because of their different skin colors. Jia shut them down by saying: “You don’t know anything.” People on the internet backed them up and assured them that the best friends can be twins.

You can now order a keg of ranch dressing.

Hidden Valley

@bacon_and_megz, tweeting about the latest advertising gimmick that seems ready-made for a viral moment — a keg of ranch dressing from Hidden Valley. The keg, which can hold 5 liters of ranch, is available for preorder online and costs $50. @OliviaCaridi tweeted: “There’s this ranch dressing keg circulating social media and I’ve been tagged in it 45 times, not sure what that says about my life.”

Melania Trump’s cute moment with a Korean pop star.

@meanyoongi0309, tweeting about a funny moment for Melania Trump on her trip to Asia. In South Korea, the first lady was greeting people with Korean pop star Minho of the band Shinee. A young girl started screaming with excitement, not for Trump, but for Minho. Trump and Minho both smiled, and the moment went viral in South Korea.