Some people are not thrilled with new Amazon costumes in “Justice League.” 

Zack Snyder

@thbrogan, tweeting about the leather bikinis the Amazon women wear in some scenes in “Justice League,” compared to their outfits in “Wonder Woman.” @melsil called it “a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze,” because “Justice League” was directed by Zack Snyder, while “Wonder Woman” was directed by Patty Jenkins.

It’s OK if you didn’t make Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. 

@joshsternberg, tweeting about Forbes’ “30 Under 30” class for 2018, which this year is actually 600 people — 30 young stars in 20 industries. The lists prompted jokes from people who didn’t make it. “Didn’t make the 30 under 30 list because I’m an old soul,” @evepeyser tweeted.

Kid bypasses Apple Face ID in Youtube video.

“You mean [people] thought Apple’s face ID was actually going to work?”

Rakesh Tiwar, commenting on Facebook about a YouTube video from user Attaullah Malik that shows his 10-year-old son, Ammar, unlocking the Apple Face ID of Ammar’s mom. In the video, the boy uses his face to unlock his mother’s phone. Face ID supports only one face, but Apple says the probability of the technology failing is higher for twins, siblings and children under 13. Face ID only supports one face.

Peter Vecsey quotes Notorious B.I.G. in a bad way. 

Peter Vecsey

@bomani_jones, reacting after veteran sports writer Peter Vecsey weighed in on the scuffle involving LeBron James during Monday’s Knicks-Cavaliers game by quoting a Notorious B.I.G. rap that contains a racial slur. Vecsey bleeped out the slur but he was called out on Twitter for using it. “Vecsey didn’t just tweet that, did he?” @vgoodwill tweeted.