Even in this age of the antihero, Josh Futturman of “Future Man” (now streaming on Hulu) sets the bar pretty low.

Futturman is an earnest failure, portrayed with a semi-dazed look of regret by Josh Hutcherson of “Hunger Games” fame. He works as a janitor in a medical lab, plunging stopped-up toilets. He lives with his indulgent parents, who call him “Joshy.” Futturman’s only true joy is playing the video game “Biotic Wars” and dreaming that he’s a superhero called “Future Man.”

Then destiny calls on Joshy.

He finally beats the video game. “You are the savior,” declares the purple-haired female character Tiger. Then she and her male companion, Wolf, step out of the screen and into Josh’s room just as he’s engaging in some post-game self-pleasuring. Ickiness ensues. And also … a storyline.

Tiger and Wolf are from the year 2162. Earth is a disaster. They believe Futturman’s ability to win “Biotic Wars” means he has the skills to change fate. The mission: Stop a scientist named Dr. Kronish from getting herpes in 1969, because his subsequent discovery of a cure for the STD will “bring down all mankind.”

In a weird coincidence, Dr. Kronish is the boss at the lab where Futturman cleans up crap.

So back in time goes the unlikely trio, to the tune of “Break on Through (To the Other Side)” by The Doors.

Only they don’t quite break on through. Joshy sucks at fisticuffs, to the dismay of Tiger, played with exquisitely frosty hauteur by Eliza Coupe. Tiger’s willingness to kill just for the heck of it upsets sweet-natured Josh. And Wolf is falling in love with … pickles, which he encounters for the first time at the Los Angeles deli Canter’s.

“Those green longs are f—ing amazing,” he says — much tastier than his usual diet of “garbage and rats.”

Seth Rogen is one of the executive producers, which may explain why the show seems to have been conceived in a marijuana-induced haze. And even though it’s stupendously silly apocalyptic sci-fi, you may find that when you’ve got nothing better to do, you’ll crave another toke.

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