The plum meme is very 2017.

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@Choplogik, tweeting a mashup between “This Is Just to Say,” William Carlos Williams’ well-known poem about eating plums from an icebox, and Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2012 song “Call Me Maybe.” The poem is often parodied online, but recently, Twitter users have been rewriting the short verses into popular songs. @CrillFactor reworked the poem into the song “All Star,” by Smash Mouth: “hey now/you’re an icebox/get your plums on/so/sweet.”

T-Pain clears up the “Buy You a Drank” lyrics.


@TPAIN, telling fans on Wednesday that they may have been hearing the lyrics to his 2007 hit “Buy You a Drank” wrong for all these years. The correct lyrics are: “I’m a buy you a drank/ and then I’m a take you home with me.”

Michigan candidate wants you to know that she will not pull out her penis because she doesn’t have one. 

“Who can you trust most not to show you their penis in a professional setting? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have a penis? I’d say so.”

Dana Nessel, answering her own question in an ad pitching herself as the Democratic candidate for Michigan attorney general. Nessel’s ad leads with the argument that she is a woman and will not sexually harass her staff. In the video, she even reassures voters, “I won’t walk around in a half-open bathrobe.” Political analyst Jeff Greenfield, @greenfield64, tweeted: “This is THE single most astonishing political ad I have ever seen. Period.”

When the Jumbotron catches you mixing a drink.

@jaboukie, captioning the video of Drake getting caught pouring a can of Perrier into his stadium cup at the Toronto Raptors game on Wednesday night. The rapper’s freaked-out face became a meme. The Raptors’ Instagram described it as: “When you get called to the principal’s office.”

Man who deactivated Trump’s Twitter says it was just a mistake.

@MattBellassai, sharing CNN’s interview with the Twitter employee who deactivated President Trump’s Twitter account for about 11 minutes on Nov. 2. The German man, Bahtiyar Duysak, told CNNTech that he made “a mistake,” and said he admires Trump’s success. His interview caused some of his fans on the internet to turn against him. “He went from a hero to zero fast,” @CheReal85 tweeted.