Catch Natalie McGill at the “ Summer Camp Show “at Wonderland Ballroom the second Wednesday of every month. (Chip Py)

D.C. comedian Natalie McGill, 32, hit the big time last November when she got a full-time gig as an on-air correspondent for the comedy-news show “Redacted Tonight” (seen on Russian-funded RT America and YouTube) — a dream job that combines McGill’s longtime interests in comedy and journalism. McGill, who first tried an open mic in 2011, now regularly does stand-up on D.C.’s biggest stages, including the Kennedy Center, DC Improv and Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. You can also catch her at “The Summer Camp Show,” a free variety show with comedy, music and crafts at Wonderland Ballroom the second Wednesday of every month. Or you might just see her at one of her favorite D.C. spots. (Don’t stake them out though. That would be creepy.)


Even though I’m not a huge breakfast person, my first stop would be Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, near Metro Center. My favorite doughnut is the creme brulee, which usually sells out immediately. There was this one that I hope they bring back — a cherry blossom doughnut, with a cherry filling. So, ideally I would get one of those and the vanilla bean doughnut and scarf those down, and that would be my breakfast — which is incredibly unhealthy, but I don’t care.

After that, I would hop on the Blue or Orange line — assuming that it’s not on fire — and I would get off at Rosslyn and walk towards the trail that leads me to Theodore Roosevelt Island. I love that spot because, even though the city is so crowded, there are moments when I’m walking the trail and I feel completely by myself and not scared about it.

Yards Park at dusk. (Erik Maskelony via Flickr)

I would make my way to Navy Yard, specifically the fountain at Yards Park. You can get behind the waterfall and look at the sky and look at the landscape, and it looks like stained glass. Then maybe I’d get a beer at Bluejacket.

This isn’t in D.C., but another brewery I like is Denizens Brewing Co. in Silver Spring, near where I live. My go-to beer is a toss-up between Third Party — a Belgian tripel beer that, no surprise, has the highest alcohol content — and Ponch’s Porter.

I’m pretty sure it would be dinnertime at this point, so I would head to Columbia Heights and get dinner at this Laotian place called Thip Khao. I’ll get this great pear cider beer that I haven’t been able to find at any other bar. I’ll also order [thomp som paa kot,] this really spicy soup — it has mushrooms and tomatoes, and I’m pretty sure there’s a fish head in it. I usually avoid seafood where I can see the fish’s face, but this soup is an exception.

Natalie McGill killing it at Wonderland Ballroom. (Shelley Kim)

The next place I would head to is Wonderland Ballroom, more than likely to catch a comedy show. I love that place because I don’t get carded there anymore, and also because the bartender knows my favorite drink, which is a whiskey sour. I always wanted to have a bar like that, where everyone knows your name and knows what drink you want before it even comes out of your mouth.

Before I go home on the S2 bus, I would probably stop at El Chucho on 11th Street NW. I love the elote — corn that’s got butter and mayonnaise just slathered all over it — but also their tacos and their frozen margaritas, when they have them. I would say that would be a perfect day for me in D.C. (As told to Sadie Dingfelder)


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