Kim Kardashian’s Christmas photo featured no Kylie.

@vanvoque on Kim Kardashian’s Christmas photo, which didn’t include a pregnant Kylie Jenner. Kardashian had been counting down the days until Christmas by sharing photos of her family on Instagram. When “Day 24,” below, was a large group shot without Jenner, fans speculated that her rumored pregnancy would finally be confirmed on “Day 25.” Instead, they got another family shot without Jenner.

Orrin Hatch said it was an honor to be ‘Utahn of the Year.

@Kwalshyall on Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, praising an editorial from The Salt Lake Tribune that named him “Utahn of the Year,” but also criticized his record and called on him not to seek re-election. Hatch sent out a tweet Monday featuring the paper’s front page — which included a shot of him, titled “Utahn of the Year” — saying he was grateful for the honor. Many Twitter users questioned whether Hatch even read the editorial, since it didn’t portray him in the best light. Some also noted that he might be trying to mislead his followers by sharing a picture of the cover but not a link to the editorial.

Juju pays tribute to “Elf” in his touchdown celebration.

@AthleteSwag on Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster’s touchdown celebration on Christmas Day. Smith-Schuster caught a touchdown pass against the Texans on Monday, then proceeded to celebrate by recreating the snowball fight scene from the Christmas movie “Elf.” He later tweeted GIFs of the scene and his celebration.

People share “the incident” at their high schools.

@jcrrain, responding to @katienotopoulos’ question on Twitter on Monday: “What was ‘the incident’ in your high school?” Many people responded, sharing crazy incidents that happened at their high schools, from senior pranks to teacher relationships.

A “Seinfeld” parody account made a meme of Tomi Lahren.

@JessicaHuseman on the meme of conservative pundit Tomi Lahren that circulated over Christmas. A “Seinfeld” parody account altered a photo of Lahren on Fox News to say: “Tomi: Obama created Festivus to destroy Christmas.” Festivus is a fictional “Seinfeld” holiday. Lahren called the photo “fake news.”