The Gorilla Channel Incident was funny, but also not. 

@alaskarobotics, tweeting about the Gorilla Channel Incident. Cartoonist Ben Ward, blurring the line between parody and “fake news,” tweeted a fake page of “Fire and Fury” saying that Trump thought there was a “gorilla channel” on TV. Ward, whose Twitter is @pixelatedboat, tweeted about the spectacle his joke became: 

Mariah Carey cancels brunch, establishes linner in its place. 

@DinnersReady_, after Mariah Carey tweeted Sunday that a friend asked her to meet for brunch and she suggested a late dinner — linner — instead. “I don’t do brunch, it’s daytime!!” Carey tweeted. Carey’s fans took note and updated their schedules accordingly. @xMurderCWrote tweeted: “Mariah said brunch is cancelled so we’re doing #linner all 2018.”


Have you seen the Steph Curry’s Brita filter song? 

“First name Stephen, last name Curry. He came into my life now everything is less blurry.”

The main jingle in the music video “New Year, New Me,” in which Warriors star Steph Curry helps internet comedian Rudy Mancuso with his New Year’s resolutions. The hokey, yet catchy music video, which was an ad for a Brita water pitcher, was trending on YouTube this weekend. Brita drops “the hottest track of 2018,“ @kaelob_regan tweeted. Here’s the video:


Sarah Silverman engages a troll, offers help. 

@SarahKSilverman, tweeting in an exchange with a man after he trolled her. Silverman responded when he insulted her, and he opened up about how he was abused as a child and is suffering from severe back pain. Silverman then tweeted a call-out for back specialists to help him.

Twitter says it won’t ban world leaders, aka, Trump. 

“Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate.”

The Twitter blog, explaining why the platform will not delete the account of a world leader. After one of President Trump’s recent tweetstoms, many called for Twitter to take action. Without mentioning Trump by name, the company made it clear that they will not step in.