Megyn Kelly says some people want to be fat shamed. 


@antifah_Q, tweeting about NBC host Megyn Kelly after she said on her morning show “Megyn Kelly Today” that “Some of us want to be [fat] shamed.” While interviewing fitness blogger Maria Kang, Kelly shared that when she was gaining weight in law school, she told her stepfather to ask her, “Where are you going, fat—?” if she tried to go to the kitchen. Not everyone was impressed by Kelly’s comments. “Whaaat?! Are you serious?!” @MindFeast622 tweeted. Here’s the clip:

Woman who created ‘media men’ spreadsheet outs herself. 


“The spreadsheet made a presumption that is still seen as radical: That it is men, not women, who are responsible for men’s sexual misconduct.”

Moira Donegan, writing at, outing herself as the creator of the S—ty Media Men spreadsheet. The list, created in October, crowdsourced harassment and assault allegations against male journalists. Donegan came forward ahead of a Harper’s Magazine piece that might have exposed her.

Twitter users share what their parents banned them from when they were kids. 

@iamnotwaynegale, sharing a piece of pop culture that her parents banned. @daggums tweeted that she wasn’t allowed to watch “Power Rangers” because it was “too violent,” and @krstfr was banned from seeing “101 Dalmatians“ because his parents thought Cruella de Vil was a witch.

Washington Post invites aspiring, 11-year-old journalist to visit. 

(The Washington Post)

@dabeard, tweeting about a story shared by New York Times reporter @liamstack on Twitter. He wrote that his cousin’s daughter downloaded The Washington Post app without her parents’ knowledge and “has been a loyal reader for the past two years.” The Post invited her to visit for a day.