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It's pretty surprising how much fun a fake kidnapping can be.

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Washington needs to show its superstar the team is serious about the future.

And more of what's popular online.

Fox Loves Taco, Yang Market, The Salt Line and The Hamilton all provide snacks on the artist's perfect day.

The comedian made it onto the sketch show as its first Indian-American writer.

Plus: comedians Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz bring their two-man improv act from Los Angeles to Washington.

Are you more into fashion, crafting or motorcycles?

A misogynistic, homophobic regime has taken over the United States. Silicon Valley moguls have persuaded the masses to carry devices that listen in on our conversations and track our every move. The only hope for change lies in a factious group of liberals — and their plans for resistance seem focused on acro-yoga and puppet shows. Sound familiar?

Artist and architect Hiroshi Sugimoto brings a sleek new style (and coffee and gelato!) to a sun-filled space.

Yes, yes, we'll stop complaining about "Mudbound" getting snubbed next week. Probably.

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