Diane Gross, left, and Khalid PItts have a romantic Dream Day planned (Cork Wine Bar)

In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District. See previous dream days from NPR’s Ari Shapiro, the BYT’s Svetlana LegeticStory District’s Amy Saidman and more.


Diane Gross, 48, and Khalid Pitts, 50, owners of Cork Wine Bar & Market on 14th Street, run one of the more popular date spots in D.C., but they’re overdue for a romantic day of their own. “Every married couple that has kids, one of the biggest things they want — besides sleep — is to spend time with [each other],” Pitts says. “There’s always something going on.” He’s not exaggerating: The couple recently moved Cork Wine Bar from its home of 10 years to the second floor of their Cork Market a few blocks away, uniting the two businesses under one roof. The new restaurant is about the same size as its predecessor, but has two bars instead of one. That’s because the couple are self-proclaimed “sit-at-the-bar” types. “You’re a little closer to each other,” Pitts says, “but also you’re able to get the vibe of what’s going on all around you.” To get even closer, Gross and Pitts have dreamed up a perfect day together.

A picnic brunch
Pitts: What we’d do would always involve eating and drinking.
Gross: I think it would be fun to go to the 14th & U Farmers Market, pick up a bunch of yummy beautiful things, and probably go to Cork to grab cheese and charcuterie, and a baguette or some crackers. Then head up to Rock Creek Park with some friends for a picnic with a nice bottle of wine. Maybe even skip the baby sitter and bring our kids with us.

Walk and nosh
Gross: Now, we’d drop the kids with our baby sitter that is instantly available.
Pitts: One of the things we like about this city, and every city we go to, is we like to walk the city. So we’d walk to Georgetown and grab some lunch at Leopold’s Kafe, because we like sitting outside there. I like to drink their cocktails. We’d have a little nosh.
Gross: They have really good french fries, and a really good nicoise salad.
Pitts: We don’t drink cocktails often — we’re usually drinking wine. So sometimes to splurge, we’ll say, “Let’s have a cocktail instead.”

Visiting an old haunt
Pitts: Then, since it’s a perfect day, the Key Theatre exists again [in Georgetown]. That’s how long we’ve been in D.C. — we remember the Key Theatre. [It closed in 1997.]
Gross: They showed a lot of independent movies and things that we naturally would flock to.
Pitts: So we’d grab a movie because we don’t often get to watch movies. Then we’d probably walk the waterfront and talk about the movie.

Something new
Gross: If this is the perfect day when we have all the energy in the world, we’d top off our evening by getting a glass of wine or a cocktail somewhere, maybe with a little snack.
Pitts: Sometimes we get caught up in the industry and don’t get to experience what’s new.
Gross: We’d probably hope to find something new in our neighborhood.
Pitts: We haven’t gone to Maydan yet.
Gross: So we may actually end up going there very soon. We’d probably sit at the bar.