Don’t “stan” Kim Jong Un’s sister.

(Kim Yo Jong/Getty)

@edstetzer, reacting to favorable coverage of Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, at the Winter Olympics. A CNN story said that she would be “favored to win gold” in diplomacy. And the dictator’s sister was applauded on Twitter for giving Vice President Mike Pence the side eye. The attention prompted Buzzfeed to run its own take: “PSA: Kim Jong Un’s Sister Is Not Your New Fave Shade Queen. She’s A Garbage Monster.”

Viewers want to see people just like them, in the Olympics.

@iamchloefox, tweeting a popular perspective on social media that the Olympics would be easier to watch if normal people competed for comparison. “Just so those of us at home who watch the Olympics and think ‘I could do that,’ realize we can’t,” @michellebhasin tweeted.

Cardi B and Anna Wintour — two legends — meet. 

@miaamiamie, tweeting after hip-hop icon Cardi B and Anna Wintour, the longtime editor-in-chief of Vogue, sat side by side in the front row of Alexander Wang’s show at New York Fashion Week. “Give
Cardi B the September cover,” @eiffeltyler tweeted, advocating for her
to grace the most coveted cover.

Women have some issues with the premise of Amy Schumer’s new movie. 

(“I Feel Pretty”)

@jocelynseip,  tweeting about the preview for the upcoming movie “I Feel Pretty,” in which Amy Schumer’s character has a head injury that leads her to believe (and subsequently act like) she is “pretty.” The trailer included jokes implying that Schumer is not “pretty.”

Quirky obit brings together people all over the world.

“That’s the greatest obituary I have ever read. He must have been an amazing man. … I’ll raise a glass to him this evening.”

Imran Ahmad, a man in Patna, India, commenting at on the obituary of Indiana man Terry Ward, who left behind 32 boxes of Miracle Whip when he died.  A quirky obituary Ward’s daughter wrote received hundreds of comments from people who never knew him.