“Peter Rabbit” ignites allergy debate.

(Columbia Pictures)

@DoctorChristian, tweeting about the “Peter Rabbit” allergy controversy. In one scene in the movie, Peter Rabbit throws a blackberry into the mouth of a character who is allergic to the fruit. Parents of kids with severe food allergies were not amused, while others cried that the backlash was political correctness gone too far. “Finding ‘humor’ in bullying by Peter and friends to an allergy friend … is sickening,” @thomascmurray tweeted. Sony Pictures issued an apology for the scene.

Fans are living for Mirai Nagasu. 

Mirai Nagasu (AP)

@AlikaHope, on figure skater Mirai Nagasu, the first American woman to land the challenging triple axel move in the Olympics. Fans on social media bowed down to her skill. “Me? Shutting up about Mirai Nagasu ever? It’s unlikely!”
@quadlutzes tweeted.

L.L. Bean changes legendary return policy. 

@hannah_lilly, tweeting after L.L. Bean announced late last week that the company is changing its “100 percent satisfaction” policy. Returns must now be completed within a year, with proof of purchase. The iconic brand’s new policy got mixed reviews on social media.

Be careful what you screenshot on Instagram.

@sammynoura, tweeting about a recent change on Instagram -— the platform is testing a feature that notifies people when another user screenshots their story. Snapchat already has this notification. ”If you have a habit of secretly taking screenshots of your crush’s selfies … just … don’t,” @kellyvsco tweeted.

Boston Police apologizes for Black History Month tweet commemorating white man.

@titojackson, criticizing the Boston Police Department for its Black History Month tweet honoring the late Red Auerbach, the first white NBA coach to draft a black player. The tweet was later taken down. “The Boston Police Department really tried to #AllLivesMatter Black History Month,” @pjhoody tweeted.