Queer Eye sparks robust discussion on what belongs in mac-n-cheese. 

@sinca, tweeting about the debate surrounding episode 6 of Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” In the episode, “food expert” Antoni helps Remy make a macaroni and cheese recipe that his family will love. The recipe called for some unconventional ingredients, including nutmeg, Dijon mustard, Japanese bread crumbs and …. peas. Writer Ira Madison III started the conversation:

KFC apologizes, for U.K. shortage, says FCK! 

@AshleyLArring, tweeting about KFC’s apology after the fried-chicken chain ran out chicken in the U.K., forcing it to close locations. KFC took out full-page ads in British newspapers, rearranging its logo to resemble a four-letter word. “Perfectly pitched apology ad,” @itsjamesherring tweeted.

Teachers tweet #ArmMeWith with their alternatives to guns. 

@msgliddenves, a junior high teacher in Connecticut, tweeting with the popular hashtag #ArmMeWith. Teachers used it to share what they really want in their classrooms, in response to President Trump’s call to arm teachers with guns. “Listen to these professionals who are asking for books, school supplies [and] smaller classes,” @jessellison tweeted.

Adam Rippon loves his McDonald’s. 

@naughTAY2968, tweeting at Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who shared his fondness for the McDonald’s in the athletes’ village. “I MESSED UP I NEED LIKE A NEW BODY SRY HELP PLZ,” Rippon tweeted Saturday, joking about how he’s going to explain it to his trainer.