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Trending: Jane Walker scotch is for the ladies; Serena’s hubby shows love with four billboards

Johnnie Walker is now Jane Walker — you know, for the ladies. 

@bmcdonald04, critiquing scotch brand Johnnie Walker’s new promotional and philanthropic effort aimed at women -— Jane Walker. The brand is repacking some of its scotch with a woman in its “striding man” logo and donating $1 of the proceeds of each bottle to causes that support women. Even with the charity aspect, some people weren’t enthusiastic about using the idea of gender equality to get women to buy scotch. “I would like to know how many actual human women were involved or consulted in this marketing campaign,” @cottoncandaddy wondered.

Serena’s hubby shows his love with four billboards. 

@Nicole_Cliffe, sharing her opinion of tennis legend Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian, who had four billboards dedicated to Serena to celebrate her return to tennis after the birth of their daughter. Fans were very supportive of his gesture of love. “Get you a man who can afford not one, but four billboards,” @Fit_MissC tweeted.

 Jon Stewart was aghast during Monday’s Knicks game. 

@SigiLK, tweeting about a video of the reaction from comedian (and Knicks fan) Jon Stewart when Warriors center JaVale McGee hit a fadeaway jumper in Golden State’s 125-111 win over New York on Monday. “Literally the most Jon Stewart thing at a sporting event possible,” @thecherness noted of Stewart’s distraught expression.

“Black Panther” has been good for black cats up for adoption. 

@Section331, reacting to anecdotal evidence shared on social media that “Black Panther” has led to an uptick in adoptions of black cats. People are giving their new felines names from the movie, like T’Challa, Shuri and Killmonger.

Millennials, at times, may prioritize money over love. 

“Relationships come and go, marriage is either overrated or something you really desire, and children, god bless them, cost a lot of money. Debt follows you around, chews at the hems of your garments, and screams at you in the night.”

Megan Reynolds, writing for about a survey from financial services company Comet that found that almost a third of the millennials surveyed would break up with their significant other in exchange for a $37,000 raise. Reynolds argues that’s fine because debt sucks.