This Wednesday is the grand opening of the M Shop at Metro Center, a store full of WMATA-branded merchandise for all the Metro enthusiasts among us. The store is near the station’s entrance at 12th and F streets. In a press release, Metro general manager Paul Wiedefeld said, “This is a great opportunity for people to get something unique from Metro.” But he also called it like it is — “another potential source of revenue.” Riders on social media didn’t have much love for the idea.

Here are some of the stand-out items in the collection of tote bags and trinkets:

Stress reliever  $6.95

Metro makes everyone a ball of stress. Train late again? Just squeeze out your frustrations on this Metrocar-shaped stress ball.

iPad case  $55

Cover up your beautifully designed iPad in this homage to the feat of modern engineering that is the D.C. Metro system.

Cuff links  $190

Be careful not to lose these cuff links — if a stray one falls onto a track, it could cause rippling delays throughout the system. Also, you should get these because nothing says “classy” like a cuff link designed after an antique transit token.

Bath towel  $45.99

Reeking of Metro’s unwashed carpeting and commuter BO? After a shower, you can wipe off the stench with the system’s maze of lines. This towel is also a great choice for a relaxing day at the beach.

Foggy Bottom yoga pants  $45

It’s cute that “Foggy Bottom” is the only station to get its own yoga pants. WMATA should have gone all-out and put the name on the butt.

Lip balm  $2 each

These chapsticks, inspired by the taste Metro leaves in your mouth, come in flavors like “Red Hot Red Line” and “Minty Mint Silver Line.”

Map plate  $9

The best part of waking up is eating your morning toast wondering what horrors await you on your morning commute into work.

Puzzle  $17

When doing this puzzle, see if you can put together why Metro thought a branded merchandise shop was a good idea.

Editor’s note: This post has been changed to reflect the correct price information for the cuff links.