Animals get rave reviews with the hashtag #rateaspecies.

@OregonZoo, using the hashtag #rateaspecies to share a “review” of an otter. The zoo’s initial tweet Friday set off a trend among zoos and science museums. @MontereyAq tweeted a photo of an ocean sunfish, calling it a “TOUR DE FORCE: Simply superlative. … Absolute head-turner.”

Fiona the hippo has a hippo suitor. 

(San Antonio Zoo/Cincinnati Zoo/Express illustration)

@CincinnatiZoo, replying to Timothy, a hippo at the San Antonio Zoo, who tweeted his interest in dating Fiona the hippo. Judging by the Cincinnati Zoo’s reply, there are a lot of requirements. Here was Timothy’s pitch:

“SNL” skit perfectly mashes up Mueller investigation and “The Bachelor.” 

@TatumTollner, reacting to the “Saturday Night Live” skit in which Kate McKinnon mashed up the recent “Bachelor” breakup with the Robert Mueller investigation. McKinnon, acting as Mueller, broke up with “Bachelor” contestant Becca, saying he wanted to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice instead of collusion — in the same way that Arie the Bachelor changed his mind from Becca to Lauren. Here’s the video:

Sally Fields’ son lives his dream of meeting Adam Rippon.

@SAMGREIS, Sam Greisman — the son of actress Sally Field — posting a photo of his meeting with Olympian Adam Rippon at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner on Saturday. During the Olympics, Sally Field tweeted at Rippon, sending him a screen shot of texts in which she and her son discussed his crush on the figure skating star. Fans on social media were thrilled that the two met.