Tom and Abby from “Queer Eye” are engaged.

@beverleywang, on the on-again-off-again romance of Tom and Abby. Tom was featured in the first episode of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” in which he and his ex-wife Abby went on a date. He tweeted Feb. 27 that he and Abby were not together, but then tweeted March 6 that they were reunited. Tom shared Monday that they are engaged.

Timothy the hippo is still trying to get at Fiona.

(Cincinnati and San Antonio zoos, Thinkstock, Express illustration)

@WCPOLibby, objecting to the efforts of the San Antonio Zoo hippo named Timothy to get the attention of Fiona, the world-famous hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo. Timothy wrote a long and creepy post on the San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook page Monday asking Fiona, “Are you up?” and saying that he’s going to send her a letter “or something” every Thursday to “express all of my feelings for you.” Hey, Timothy — leave Fiona alone!!

People share how they have “Tillerson-ed” or been “Tillerson-ed.” 


@KarenAttiah, a Washington Post opinions editor, sharing about how she “Tillerson-ed” an ex in the past. Others shared similar accounts online.

A few ideas for what programming Scientology TV should feature. 


“ ‘Shark Tank,’ but pitches for leaving the church. ‘Project Runway,’ but all the outfits are a blue polo and black slacks. ‘The Bachelor,’ with Xenu as the Bachelor.”

Ashley Reese, writing for The Muse, joking about the types of shows that would work well on Scientology TV, a new network that premiered Monday on DirecTV and streaming services.