Bria Taylor (Alicia Bruce/Love Knot Photo)

In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District. See previous dream days from Mayor Muriel Bowser, the BYT’s Svetlana LegeticStory District’s Amy Saidman and more.


You wouldn’t know it from looking at one of her towering pop art cakes — often splattered with Technicolor frosting or studded with chocolate shards — but Bria Taylor used to be a terrible baker. “I was good at cooking, but I never understood the fact that baking is a science and I can’t just throw things in there and hope they work,” says Taylor, 24, who now bakes custom cakes with her company Killa Cakes. The brand was her way to experiment with baking while at George Mason University, where she studied graphic design. Since October, she’s taken Killa Cakes full time, creating colorful cakes and desserts for weddings, parties and pop-ups around D.C. On her perfect day, there’s not a cake to be baked, so she’s off to see friends near her home in Herndon, Va.

I go to the YMCA in Reston and work with my personal trainer. I like working out but I do not have the motivation to go to the gym and not just sit there for an hour and bulls— the whole time. My trainer is one of my closest friends — I see him five times a week.

I’m really bad after my workouts and I’ll go to Starbucks. My go-to drink is an iced green tea latte with coconut milk. The coconut milk adds this tropical feel that’s so nice, it’s a little booster. Then I usually do the bacon gouda sandwich, my favorite.

I want to go to The Amazing Comic Shop. I’m a huge comic book nerd; I have a ton. I love a lot of Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics much more than I like Marvel or DC Comics. One of my favorites is “Lady Killer.” The art is phenomenal. It’s about this woman in the 1960s who’s an assassin. It’s super gory but equally beautiful, which I think is also my aesthetic.

I’ll pick up my best friend, Jordan. She loves eating Korean food with me. There’s this place called Marumen in Fairfax. They have these things, they’re like pork rinds but they’re made with a lot of Asian spices. They’re the most addictive thing ever. And down the street is Dessert Story. I get a honeydew boba tea with jelly. That’s my favorite thing to drink.

They just opened up this store called Earth Fare, which is essentially a Whole Foods — there’s equal hipster vibes, but it’s more approachable. I will go through every aisle just to look. So that’s like a two-hour grocery store trip. A lot of the stuff I would get is typical cake stuff. They have a pretty awesome pastry case with these gigantic cupcakes. I haven’t tasted them but they look really good, so I would get a cupcake.

There is a place I once went like three days in a row called Bebop in Fairfax. It’s a Korean-Mexican fusion place. You can get a bowl of kimchi-bacon fried rice, which is out of this world. Then I’d just chill with my friends. We’ll watch “Inuyasha” or we’ll do “Another Period” — I love that show.

At 11 at night, we’d probably do a Taco Bell run. If someone was like, “Name a place that’s consistent in your life,” it’d be Taco Bell. Their new nacho fries, I have a love-hate relationship with them. Every time I get them they’re not fresh. And you can’t have fries that aren’t fresh! So I’ll get them when it’s super late because they have to make them fresh.