The Capitals lost after last call for Metro — again.

Alex Ovechkin (Getty)

@dcmadness202, tweeting Sunday night after the Capitals lost to the Blue Jackets in overtime — again. Fans who stayed late were unable to ride the Metro home. “I Can’t Believe I Missed the Metro for This Sh– Again: A Capitals Fan’s Memoir,” @ChrisHowdy tweeted.

This dog got caught by the “pawlice.” 

@emmethompsonn, tweeting this hilarious picture Sunday of her dog in a “pawlice” car. The popular account @dog_rates responded by tweeting: “free him.” The owner later tweeted that her dog got off with a warning.

Internet sleuths solve Beyonce nail question. 


@saschacornelius, tweeting after Buzzfeed reporters Ben Henry and Ellie Bate debunked the rumor that Beyonce changed her nail color during her Coachella show. The reports found that the photos of Beyonce’s nails in a different color were taken in a rehearsal.

Sean Hannity revelations spark great jokes on Twitter. 

@lizchar, using the famed Lucille Bluth $10 banana joke from “Arrested Development” after Sean Hannity said on his radio show Monday that he may have handed Michael Cohen $10 and said he wanted attorney-client privilege. Cohen’s attorney said Monday that Cohen, who represents Trump, also represents Hannity. The Fox News host also tweeted that he’d never retained Cohen.

Cartoon from the 1920s bears delightful resemblance meme construction. 

@YoRHaw, sharing a picture of a comic from 1921 that appeared with the caption “How you think you look when a flashlight is taken,” and “How you really look.” People noticed that the joke’s construction was just like a meme. “IS THIS THE FIRST MEME?” @AnthonyGobeille  asked. Mashable reported that internet sleuths did the work and the image is authentic; it appeared in Judge magazine.