Stepping inside Drink Company’s latest pop-up bar is as close to attending the royal wedding as you can get in D.C. Royal PUB (1839 Seventh St. NW), dedicated to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impending nuptials, shines in the details, including a fake corgi in the “throne room” and drinks in commemorative glassware. The bar will be open until May 20, with a live viewing party for the May 19 ceremony. Adriana Salame Aspiazu, who was on the design team, decoded some details for us commoners.

Chapel replica

The main room of the pop-up bar (in the former Eat the Rich space) is a replica of St. George’s Chapel, where the wedding will take place. The design team studied a 360-degree view of the chapel on Google to get everything right. One side is a wall of cathedral windows; the other has flags bearing the crests of the queen’s knights in the Order of the Garter. Aspiazu carved the stone pattern on the ceiling from foam coating. This is the company’s first pop-up where even the floor is decked out — it’s checkered just like the chapel.

Embassy connection

To make sure this bar was worthy of the Queen of England, the design team got the British Embassy involved. The chef at the embassy made a decoration for the bar: an inedible replica of the lemon elderflower cake Harry and Meghan will cut on their wedding day. One raffle winner will receive an actual version of the cake. Aspiazu said the embassy even donated a life-size Beefeater statue that stands guard by the bar’s bathrooms. Guests can also mail their congratulations to the royal couple through the embassy.

Royal preference

Members of the royal family would certainly find something to order, because the cocktail menu is inspired by their tastes, Aspiazu said. While the family is known to be private, their drinking habits are well-documented. Queen Elizabeth likes a stiff martini; Meghan Markle reportedly is fond of Aperol spritzes; and Prince Harry loves things that are banana-flavored. At Royal PUB, they would enjoy the God Save the Queen, Markle Sparkle and When Harry Met Meghan, respectively.