“Taskmaster’s” Reggie Watts, left, and Alex Horne blankly stare at the camera while waiting for the photographer to tell them when to smile. (Comedy Central)

Could you paint a picture of a horse … while riding a horse?

Make a block of ice quickly disappear?

Pick blue M&Ms out of a bowl of multicolored M&Ms while wearing boxing gloves?

Yeah, you’ve probably never thought about any of those things. Yet once you start, you can’t help but wonder … what’s the best strategy?

The ingeniously goofy challenges are what make “Taskmaster” so appealing. The series wraps its Comedy Central run Friday with two episodes starting at 11 p.m.

This “Taskmaster” is the U.S. version of a British series created by comic Alex Horne, who’s been imported to sit beside host Reggie Watts. He and Horne are delightfully snide. When a contestant flames out, Horne notes, “I know it was sad but there will be sadder things in all our lives.” And Watts’ absurd signoff: “And remember … good night!”

The contestants are described by Watts as “five excellent people”: Lisa Lampanelli, the insult comic fired on “The Celebrity Apprentice” for overemotionality; Kate Berlant, called a “magnetic improvisational comic” by The New York Times; boyish actor Freddie Highmore (ABC’s “The Good Doctor”); DJ and producer Dillon Francis (who wows everyone by getting Kate Hudson on FaceTime); and good-natured comedian Ron Funches, who tanks at most challenges (but does a brilliant job redecorating a mayor’s office, complete with balloons).

The show is irresistibly silly — and instructional, too. For example, hitting an ice block with a shovel while shouting, “Die, die, die!” (Freddie’s tactic) is nowhere near as effective as covering it up with a big rug (Lisa’s winning move).