What do you hear, Laurel or Yanny? 

(Reddit via RolandCamry)

@blueftaddy and @buteradelaine, expressing the two sides of a viral audio clip that may be 2018’s version of “The Dress” debate. The dispute is over an audio illusion that first appeared on Reddit. The Verge explained that because of variances in how people hear certain frequencies, some hear “Yanny” in the clip and others hear “Laurel.” Take the Express poll here:

People are skeptical about this retirement advice.

@Fatalisme_actif, reacting to an article from Market Watch that recommended that people have an amount equal to twice their annual salary saved by the time they reach age 35. People were shook at this suggestion. “Do you know any real people? Just curious,” @xtop tweeted. “By 35, you should have every Etrian Odyssey dungeon mapped, no weeds in your Animal Crossing town, and Classic S13 status in Tetris,” @tinycartridge tweeted, parodying the advice.

Twenty years after the Seinfeld finale, it’s still a discussion. 

@flyinsaucier,  joining the online debate over the finale of “Seinfeld,” which aired 20 years ago — on May 14, 1998. “The montages, Puddy’s last line, Newman’s monologue, cheating in the contest …. You people are impossible to please. The finale was great,” @krelllewis argued in a tweet thread.

Palestinians mark Nakba. 

@dianabuttu, tweeting Tuesday for the 70th anniversary of what Palestinians call the “Nakba,” when Palestinians lost their homes and villages when Israel was formed in 1948. “The Nakba never ended, it still continues to this day. Moving the embassy is another means of ethnically cleansing Palestinians, complete erasure of our existence for colonial expansion,” @knafehnabulsiye tweeted.

Cancer doesn’t have to be a “fight.” 

@andyward79, in a recent Twitter discussion about how many take issue with cancer being framed as a “battle” or a “fight.” “Maybe researchers are ‘fighting cancer’ but … all I am trying to do is live well/optimistically,” @n10hairbear tweeted.