(Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty)

Eric Masten thinks he’s been pretty lucky in life.

He happened to be at the same bar on the night that his future husband was dragged out for drinks by his friends.

They’ve been married for 16 years now.

A homelessness policy advocate in the District, he says he’s lucky that his job is open to the uncertainties of his commute, first on MARC to New Carrollton and then the Orange Line to his office near Eastern Market.

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And after commuting by transit for most of the last 16 years, he considers himself fairly savvy, as well.

Last Monday, a day that set new records for heat, these two things collided.

Around 3 p.m., he took the Orange Line back to his office to a meeting on Capitol Hill, and, experienced rider that he is, he got into the last car of a six-car train so he could get off by the escalator at Eastern Market.

As luck would have it, he got into a hot car, where the air conditioning was off.

He was only going one stop, so it was bearable, he said. He tweeted to Metro’s @metrorailinfo that he was in car 6088.

A little before 6 p.m., Masten headed back to the Orange Line, and got on the third-to-last car in an eight-car train because he wanted to be near the escalators when he got out.

For all the attention hot cars get, Masten said he only finds one a couple of times a year. But this was not to be his day. The air in that sixth car was hot and muggy.

Before he did what Metro advises — move to another car — he looked for the number of the car he was in.

It was car 6088.

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