The contestant in the back at left just had to ruin this photo for everyone else on “The Proposal.” (ABC)

“The Proposal” (10 p.m. Mondays on ABC) is winning its time slot, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the guiltiest guilty pleasure of 2018 — a fast-paced dating show, only without the actually dating part!

Here’s the ridiculous premise: A “mystery” singleton concealed in a pod assesses 10 suitors “hoping to win the heart of a woman they’ve never met” (so says the host, former NFLer Jesse Palmer, through his gleaming teeth). The goal is to narrow the field to two, who each have the chance to propose.

As Ashlee, last week’s picker, noted, “This is so hard, y’all.”

She asked questions. The guys paraded around with their shirts off.

It’s fun to guess who will be cut. It wasn’t hard to figure out that smug Jeremy, who pledged that if he and Ashlee got engaged “me and her would be talking all the time,” was destined for rejection — if only for his grammatical sins.

Ashlee, an aspiring country singer and divorced mom, also bid adieu to a guy who sings a song he wrote “just for you.” Sample lyric: “I’m looking for a unicorn to partner with me.” Keep on looking, dude.

And she nixed a Pilates instructor who believes in fate. Fate can be so unkind!

Her finalists were Jordan, who recently ended a relationship because he realized after NINE YEARS he wasn’t “crazy” in love, and Sam, who, like Ashlee, loves Jesus and children — a good thing since she has a 5-year-old.

Sam proposed marriage. Jordan proposed a pre-wedding honeymoon to Fiji – “and if we hit it off I’ll give you this ring.”

Naturally she picked … Jordan?!

The episode was taped earlier this year and they’re still together (although the Fiji trip hasn’t happened yet).

The show has already had a scandal — a woman accused a contestant of facilitating her date rape last year. His episode was pulled. Producer Mike Fleiss, the mastermind behind “The Bachelorette,” which also has a vetting scandal this season, said he is “horrified that any of these abusive a-holes are on our shows.”

Although faithful viewers of Fleiss’ dating shows might note that the cast of suitors includes plenty of regular old a-holes.