Ahmed Best, who voiced Jar Jar Binks, reveals that fan backlash caused him to consider suicide.

AP / Lucasfilm

@OctopusOwl, apologizing on Twitter to actor Ahmed Best, who voiced “Star Wars” character Jar Jar Binks in the series prequels. Best revealed in a tweet Tuesday that the intense backlash from fans toward his CGI character led him to contemplate suicide.

In a Fourth of July twist, this Twitter user live tweeted fireworks’ descriptions.

@davelozo, “live-tweeting” his local July Fourth fireworks display because his “camera [was] broken.” His tweets on noises and colors poked fun at social media users’ widespread tendency to share blurry videos of fireworks on the holiday.

ASOS is being applauded for designing wheelchair-friendly clothing.

@rorerorerore, applauding clothing company Asos for partnering with BBC reporter, wheelchair user and para-athlete Chloe Ball-Hopkins, above, to design a jumpsuit that’s wheelchair-friendly. Twitter users praised the company for its inclusive approach.

Remember lifelong Clippers fan ‘Clipper Darrell?’ He’s a Lakers fan now. As he should be.

Via @ClipperDarrell on Twitter

@GiveEm_Buckets, tweeting about former Los Angeles Clippers superfan “Clipper Darrell” announcing on Twitter that he is officially becoming a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Darrell’s decision appears to be a reaction to Lebron James signing with the Lakers.