Jay Cutler in “Very Cavallari” (E!)

@DavidHaugh, tweeting after the Sunday night premiere of “Very Cavallari,” the new E! reality show about Kristin Cavallari’s fashion brand. It also stars her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, who showcased his trademark indifference. “Jay Cutler is the reality queen we never knew we needed,” @brookeschrider tweeted.

Elon Musk offers help of dubious worth to Thai rescue. 

This frame grab from video tweeted by Elon Musk shows a “tiny kid-sized submarine” being tested in a pool on Sunday. (Courtesy of Elon Musk/AP)

@jrhennessy, critiquing Elon Musk, who sent a “kid-size submarine” to assist with the rescue of the soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand. @PlanetofFinks tweeted that the approach was Musk “capitalizing on a tragedy with a publicity stunt that in no way addresses the actual problem.”

There’s a catch to the meme about Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


@Editordie, sharing the truth about a meme based on geography that’s a tiny bit untrue. Last week, @ohNoobDerp kicked off the meme by tweeting the above map of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the caption: “Bosnians: ‘I wanna swim.’ Croatia: ‘No.’ ” In reality, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a 12-mile stretch of coastline in the town of Neum, with access to the Adriatic Sea. Here’s the original meme:

Parents tweet encouragement for Serena Williams. 


@MrsReinhartDASH, tweeting at Serena Williams after the tennis superstar shared that she missed her daughter Alexis Olympia’s first steps. “She took her first steps. … I was training and missed it. I cried,” Williams tweeted on Saturday. Many parents responded with encouragement. “I hear ya, mama. It’s not easy,” @Raakstar tweeted.