Seth Green voices a cartoon bear who comes to life in “Misfits & Monsters.” (TruTV)

A used-car salesman in Texas known as “Swell Del Wainwright” runs for president. People love his folksiness. But he does have a few skeletons in his closet. He, for example, is a werewolf. Who once ate a toddler. Although that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Says one voter: “I want a president who’s a werewolf so other countries won’t push us around.”

That’s one of the strange stories told on “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters,” a new anthology series that airs 10 p.m. Wednesdays on TruTV.

Goldthwait has his own strange history. The comedian came to fame in the 1980s with a stand-up act in which he twitched and grimaced and emitted raspy screeches. He was a regular in the “Police Academy” oeuvre. And he once set a chair on fire on the “Tonight Show.”

Now at the mature age of 56, he’s the mastermind of “Misfits,” with a new storyline each week, mashing up many Hollywood genres. Like “The Twilight Zone,” the show is supernatural and scary. Like classic, low-budget 1950s horror films, it has a wonderfully cheesy feel. When Swell Del (David Koechner) turns into a werewolf, tufts of fake fur poke through his hideously patterned polyester sports jacket. There’s also an appearance by a vampire who looks like Cher on a very bad day and sports obviously fake fangs.

In the premiere episode, Goldthwait says he’s striving for a mix of “Roger Rabbit” and “Cape Fear.” as Bubba the big blue cartoon bear comes to life and tries to kill the actor (Seth Green) who gives him such a stupid-sounding voice. When the actor cuts off the bear’s head with garden shears, the head pops right back up. At one point in his pursuit, Bubba declares: “You f—ed with the wrong bear, amigo!”

So you do have to like Goldthwait’s sometimes warped humor, but then again, the jokes are pretty funny and the cast is top notch. Koechner makes an excellent werewolf with his slitty, untrustworthy eyes and lecherous laugh. And the ever-intense Green gives his all as an increasingly desperate actor pursued by a cartoon bear who can’t be real — or can he?