Bugs Bunny: Opera’s first drag queen. (Warner Bros)

Looney Tunes
The days of watching Bugs Bunny in your pj’s on weekend mornings are no longer over. The AFI Silver is letting loose six programs of classic Looney Tunes cartoons over the next six weeks. Every Saturday and Sunday, you can sport your best nightclothes to the theater — and get some milk and a cereal bar from the concession stand. This weekend’s program is Bugs-focused and features “What’s Opera, Doc?,” which is the reason many people have a small part of their brain singing, “kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit” whenever they hear “Ride of the Valkyries.” Best of all, your mom won’t yell at you to turn off the TV and go outside.
AFI Silver, 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring; Saturdays & Sundays through Aug. 26, 11 a.m., $5 per program.

“The Sandlot”
Now 25 years old, this baseball-centered … Wait. “The Sandlot” is 25 years old? That can’t be right. If that was true, that would make some of us (gulp) middle-aged. Well, now Those of a Certain Age can relive their long-ago youth as nerd Scotty Smalls and friends engage in fun times (and what’s now pretty clearly an icky kissing scene) over the course of a summer. The screenings include a sneak peek at a documentary about the making of the film.
Various locations; Sun., 1 & 4 p.m.; Tue., 2 & 7 p.m., various prices, go to fathomevents.com for details and participating theaters.

Go Blue Steel with this 2001 sendup of everything wrong (and right) with supermodels and the world of fashion. Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller, who also directed) is the king of the catwalk, and this obviously makes him a perfect subject for being turned into an assassin through brainwashing. It’s basically “The Manchurian Candidate,” only this has David Bowie. Which really is the only thing “The Manchurian Candidate” was missing, when you think about it.
Suns Cinema, 3107 Mount Pleasant St. NW; Sat., 8 p.m., $5.