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Trending: Betsy DeVos’ $40 million yacht was sent adrift, and, well, no one cares

Betsy DeVos has 10 yachts and a family fortune. One was set free and Twitter had no sympathy.

@PoliticalEmilia, on reports that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ yacht SeaQuest was untied and set adrift over the weekend. The 163-foot yacht hit a boat dock in Huron, Ohio, sustaining between $5,000 and $10,000 in damages. DeVos didn’t find a lot of sympathy online, especially once people found out her family owns nine other yachts. Police are investigating.

Anne Hathaway penned a powerful and accurate post on Nia Wilson that called out white privilege.

@AprilM0, reacting to actress Anne Hathaway’s Instagram post honoring Nia Wilson, a young black woman who was murdered Sunday on the San Francisco Bay Area transit system by a white male suspect. Hathaway urged white people to recognize “the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY.”

Remember the phrase “getting to third base?” It means anything now. 

@holy_schnitt, joking about the “new” bases in romantic relationships. Third base is often seen as the most intimate and vulnerable step in a relationship. Twitter users have taken to creating new definitions for the term.

A Twitter user had a woman run up to her seeking help to escape a stalker. Other women chimed in with their frighteningly similar stories.

@SalomeMedici, reacting to @gabriellarichh’s story of a woman being followed who asked for help. @gabriellarichh immediately hugged the woman, and the stalker left. The story prompted other women to promise assistance, while others told similar stories of being stalked.

We finally have the answers (and jokes) we need to WHY guys wear Fleece Vests.

@nblundo, tweeting about a Wall Street Journal article that examined the trend of mostly male employees in the corporate world wearing fleece vests over a nice button-down shirt. The article spoke with many men who stood by the vest’s practicality, such as one saying it “hides your belly” as one ages.