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Trending: Will Rihanna bring back skinny eyebrows?

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Rihanna’s skinny eyebrows ignite some concerns.

@gaymzpiggy, tweeting about singer Rihanna gracing the cover of British Vogue’s September issue. Many people were quick to notice her eyebrows — pencil-thin, as opposed to the more recent trend of thick, bushy brows — and worried the style icon would ignite a trend of ditching grown-out brows for skinnier ones. But don’t grab those tweezers just yet! The Huffington Post reports that RiRi’s real brows were covered with makeup and these new ones drawn on.

“Share the plot of your favorite movie in five words.”

@darth, responding to a tweet from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences asking people to “Share the plot of your favorite movie in five words.”
@darth appeared to be referencing “Mission Impossible.” Many people had fun with the query, which took over Twitter for a few hours on Tuesday.

Panera doubles down on the carbs.

@MsHannahFrazier, on Panera Bread’s latest concoction: the Double Bread Bowl. It is a long oval loaf of bread with two holes hollowed out for soup or mac and cheese. Diners rejoiced over the carb-filled menu item. It will be available at a few Philadelphia stores from Sunday through Aug. 31 before a potentially larger rollout.

Melania Trump gardening becomes a meme.

@maybemaeve, commenting on a photo of first lady Melania Trump gardening at the White House garden in September. The photo resurfaced after model and author Chrissy Teigen tweeted it on Tuesday.

Trump’s awkward position and extremely clean sneakers were quickly memed on the internet.

Facebook and Instagram want to help you with your social media addiction.

@mgarbuz, reacting to Facebook and Instagram introducing a tool Wednesday that reports how much time you spend in each app. It also allows you to mute notifications and set time limits. The features will roll out to all users in the coming weeks.