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Trending: Not even Super Bowl-winning QBs are safe from Jalen Ramsey’s judgment

Jalen Ramsey, in the midst of a weeklong suspension, dished on almost every NFL quarterback to GQ. 

@wyche89, tweeting about the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback’s GQ interview, in which he voiced his opinions on almost every team in the NFL. In one comment, Ramsey said of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan: “I think [he’s] overrated.” Ramsey is currently on suspension from training camp for comments he made to local media after a practice.

For many Asian-Americans, “Crazy Rich Asians” is about showing the entertainment industry that Asian stories matter.

@teresahsiao, explaining why she spent money buying tickets for strangers to see “Crazy Rich Asians.” As a child, she became accustomed to TV characters who weren’t Asian-American. She hopes that getting people to see the movie will help non-Asian viewers identify with Asian characters and enable majority-Asian casts to become more common.

A Philadelphia author claimed millennials killed mayonnaise. That didn’t go down well (much like mayonnaise).

@jbouie, tweeting about an article from Philadelphia magazine claiming that millennials have killed off mayonnaise, which is lauded as the “all-American condiment.” The author laments that mayo is the latest demise of a food caused by millennials, who are “diversifying” their sauces. @AdamBlickstein tweeted, “We didn’t kill it, we just renamed it aioli.”

YouTube had to pull a jump-scare ad for “The Nun” because, well, it’s terrifying.

@sherry_ptk, reacting to an ad for the upcoming horror film “The Nun.” The six-second jump-scare ad was removed by YouTube because it violated the platform’s “shocking content” policy. Viewers also complained to YouTube that they couldn’t skip the ad, and that it was insensitive to those with heart conditions or severe anxiety.

John Frieda is facing severe criticizing for seemingly erasing kinky-haired women from its Dream Curls campaign. 

@IamTobiOredein, blasting hair care brand John Frieda for picking Instagram personality Rochelle Humes to lead its Dream Curls campaign. Critics said Humes depicts white-washed curls and often excludes the kinkier hair of dark-skinned women from her page.