Madonna gave a long, rambling speech at the VMAs that started out about Aretha Franklin but quickly became about Madonna.

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@Kissma_Ars, reacting to Madonna’s speech about Aretha Franklin at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Monday night. Madonna talked about how Franklin’s “You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman)” helped her break into the music industry. Viewers took issue with the Madonna-centric anecdote. Madonna later wrote on Instagram: “I did not intend to do a tribute to her!”

Kendall Jenner has apparently forgotten that not every model’s last name is ‘Jenner.’

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@lafaretta, responding on Instagram to Kendall Jenner’s interview with Love magazine. The model said she was “selective” and would never do over 30 shows a season. Other models shot back, saying they often had to walk in 80 shows a season to break into the industry. Jenner later said she “admires their hard work and dedication.” 

Well, there goes the plot of ‘Happy Feet 3.’

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@EdinburghZoo, reacting to multiple inquiries into the job of “penguin erector.” Rumors about the nonexistent position abounded after @shalaylaa tweeted that a man in a pub told her he was a penguin erector at the Edinburgh Zoo because the flightless birds were prone to falling over while watching planes fly overhead.

Josie Totah came out as transgender in Time. Hours later, someone had already changed her Wikipedia page to include the correct pronouns.

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@JeanneSager, on actress Josie Totah’s essay in Time magazine. Totah came out as a transgender woman, writing, “When my friends and family call me Josie, it feels like I’m being seen.” Within hours of the essay’s publication, Totah’s pronouns were corrected on her Wikipedia page.

Can someone tell this lady that wearing a helmet and wanting drivers to be more aware of cyclists are NOT mutually exclusive?

@eillieanzi, explaining her choice not to wear a helmet while bicycling in New York City. She cited a 2017 article from The Guardian in tweeting about why she doesn’t believe helmet wearing equals safety, before advocating for protected bike lanes and for more people to use bikes, not cars.